Men’s Wedding Bands Trends

Many friends often asked, “What are the newest trends of men’s wedding bands?” Well, the answer is always different. Because the fashion styles and metals can vary by age, race, religion, interests, personality, sometimes even by the area of the country where you live.

So in my opinion, the only hard and fast rule about wedding bands is that there are no rules! Men have finally broken free from the need to “conform” by buying a plain white or yellow gold domedwedding band, as a result, many new trends have emerged.

Trendy Metals for Men’s Wedding Rings

Men are starting to think more practically when it comes to wedding rings. So it is no surprise to see durable and affordable metals like titanium, tungsten, ceramic and stainless steel becoming more popular. These industrial metals are great for men who work with their hands or are allergic to gold. Some designers are using a white gold alloy called palladium, and many attractive men’s wedding bands are now available in sterling silver. of course ,there also many people choose tungsten or ceramic rings as wedding bands.

Unique and Alternative Rings as Men’s Wedding Bands

Maybe you never thought you would see the day when a couple stood before the altar and exchanged a set of dragon rings or biker rings instead of a traditional set of bands. As weddings have become more personalized, so has wedding jewelry. It is not uncommon to see couples exchange Celtic ringsChristian ringscustom-designed “themed” rings, or rings that have a unique symbolism or imagery.

now tungsten and ceramic rings are more and more popular,especialy in young people,  two years ago, my sister give me a tungsten watch as a present, I was attractived by its brigt, and it will brighter when it just out of water.when the surface is heavily soiled you needn’t clean by hand, you just need put it into the water, it will became immediately very clean .until now, I liked it very much, in a dition. it cheaper than gold  the tungsten prices increa sharply.

if you have any question about tungsten or ceramic metal. please feel easy to email me ,and i  wil glad to show all of I know to you.